Whether you run a small or large business, here are the main reasons why you should hire a recruitment agency to find employees:

They find your perfect candidates

The best recruiters have their finger on the pulse and know your market. They know what to look for in a candidate, and where to reach them. They also know all about current salary rates, available skill sets, and how to advertise the job in ways which are attractive to those ideal for the position. This in turn speeds up the process, and leads us neatly on to the next point…

They save time and money

Do you hire employees on an infrequent basis – let’s say twice a year?

If so, hiring a dedicated internal recruiter is an expense you just don’t need. Still, you are no doubt busy and may not have the time to do it all yourself. A recruitment agency will find suitable candidates, and will check and vet their credentials to ensure they are perfect for your business. An agency will do everything from writing job descriptions, to preparing interview questions.

With a recruitment agency on hand, you don’t have to trawl through applications, deal with paperwork and even schedule interviews – because they do it all for you.

Do you hire employees regularly – let’s say about once every 1-2 months?

You may have someone in charge of the recruiting process within your company. So while they could have the training to interview and screen candidates properly, they may also require help finding suitable candidates (rather than just applicants) for the job. Without the right contacts and reach, this could take a long time.

On the other hand, a good agency will fill jobs, not just interview spaces. You may have to interview fewer applicants, but each one will have the skills and temperament to take on the job. Effective recruitment relies much more on quality than quantity.  

To find your perfect employees quickly and efficiently in Wakefield, please call West Riding Recruitment on 01924 650404.

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