Some businesses avoid using a recruitment agency because of the associated fees. Yet the cost of not hiring an agency could be far greater. 

Here are some key reasons why you should pay for a recruitment agency…

Poor recruitment methods are expensive

UK businesses waste millions on poor recruitment methods. The average cost of filling a vacancy, using internal or third-party means, is estimated to be around £4500. The average time it takes to hire is 10-12 weeks.

During this time, productivity goes down because no-one is doing the job for which you wish to hire someone. You or a member of staff may take on the extra work to fill the gap, but this will reduce the time spent on other important things. 

Add in the fact that 50% of job offers are rejected, and the risk of repeating the process at further cost is obvious.

Cheaper than in-house recruiters

If you hire an in-house recruiter, you have to pay their salary and other associated costs. Hiring an agency allows you to spend money only when and if you need new employees. 

Paying a recruitment agency saves you time and money

This may seem counterintuitive. Yet using an external agency will save you the cost of advertising, as well as the time it takes to screen candidates. Good recruitment agencies are highly organised. They use their knowledge and resources to find your ideal candidates quicker and help you boost productivity.

Recruitment agencies have access to a wider pool of talent. This improves the quality of the applicants for the position you have available. Having found only suitable candidates, the recruiter reduces the need to spend time and money on training, which in turn boosts productivity even further.

The best recruiters prepare your candidates for what your business expects of them, and help them to understand its culture and working methods. This type of preparation is proven to help retain employees for longer.

Do you need to recruit new employees? To save both time and money, please call West Riding Recruitment on 01924 650404. 

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