According to leading business owners, 40% of businesses find recruiting incredibly difficult. It is not just the time it takes to recruit, but they believe they often see poor candidates, are unable to get someone with realistic targets, or find someone with the skills they require. 

At West Riding Recruitment, a leading recruitment agency based in West Yorkshire, we often hear businesses say similar things, yet we have been able to help them find the right candidate in the end, using a range of different methods to help them out.

We believe that one of the main reasons why people often find it hard to get the person they want is because the job description is a little vague and encourages almost everyone to apply, which is not what you want. A well-crafted job description, that picks up on some key skills you must have to do the job, could help you reduce the number of applicants that would waste your time and reduce the difficulty in recruiting.

Using a recruitment agency?

Using a recruitment agency has costs however, as experts in their field, you can offset those costs by trawling through hundreds of CVs to try and find the candidate to interview. They will only out the best candidates through for each job and then from there you can interview as you please. Furthermore, they do the boring tasks of looking at CVs and can also provide advice on your job description.

Whilst it is no guarantee to get someone quicker for your role, they also have access to lots of the job boards and a pool of candidates who might already be looking for similar work. So if you are struggling to find someone for your current vacancy, a recruitment agency might well be the best choice for you.

West Riding Recruitment are the leading recruitment agency based in Wakefield and have been helping many local companies recruit excellent candidates for a number of years. If you are struggling and are based locally, please do not hesitate to give us a call. 

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