When it comes to finding new employees for your company, there is no easy process and the recruiting stage can be one of the hardest things an employer has to do within their job role.

Writing the brief, going through hundreds of CVS looking for skills and personality traits and the physical interviewing process themselves can take hours of your valuable time. The smart decision is to get a recruitment agency to do most of this work for you, leaving you with just the interviewing stage to do, with only eligible or qualified candidates attending the room.

Recruitment agencies can occasionally be given a bad name because people assume they are expensive, which is why many business owners look to recruit using their own resources. Yet, with access to many job boards, the best candidates in the market and the professional approach, investing in a recruiter is a much safer and better option.

If we use an example of a dentist, you wouldn’t try to attempt to repair a tooth yourself or have a friend do it, so why not use the professional for a decision that could have huge implications on your business and its profits?

Yes, it might cost a fee, which would depend on the recruitment terms but standard industry rates could be around 15% of salary, but you would easily recoup this back in the time you have taken out of your business to work on the recruiting (worked out on your hourly rate), and by getting a quality candidate to fill the role which will inevitably help you grow your business.

So the next time you struggle to carry out all the processes related to recruiting the perfect candidate for your business, let Wakefield’s leading recruiter West Riding help you. We have a dedicated team who are experts in many different sectors and can help you recruit for permanent or temporary roles.

For more information or to recruit your next dream employee with us, please contact us on 01924 650404.

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