As an independent recruitment agency in the heart of Wakefield, we look through countless numbers of CVs every day in an attempt to match clients with the perfect candidate. 

Our highly experienced team know exactly what to look for in a CV to match the right candidate with the right client.

Job status and experience

Looking at a candidate’s most recent role is the simplest way to indicate what their current status is and why they might be interested in a new job. Are they currently in work and how long have they been in their current position? Is their most recent experience relevant to the position being recruited for? If they are currently not in employment is this, or any other gap in their employment, adequately explained?

Next attention is turned to your overall experience, recruiters are looking for signs of career progression and increasing levels of responsibility that match up with the role that is being recruited for.


Recruitment companies are usually looking to place the right candidate with a client as quickly as possible. Therefore general practical logistics play an important part of accessing a person’s suitability. For example, where is the candidate based? Are they currently in work? How soon will they be able to work?

Presentation and Quality

Naturally all recruiters are looking for a well-presented, attractive CV free from spelling and grammatical errors. If competition for a role is high a simple spelling mistake shows carelessness and can be off-putting. Recruiters look at CVs all day every day, so if yours is presented in a clear logical order that is easy to read, it immediately puts you at an advantage.

Keywords and skills

Recruiters unfortunately do not have a large amount of time to look over each CV, therefore they may do a simple keyword search to see whether or not to look into the candidate more thoroughly. A quick keyword scan to discover whether the person has the specific experience and skills for the role is sometimes all recruiters have time for. It is therefore crucial that you outline your skills clearly, using keywords such as programs you may be proficient in, without your CV losing its authenticity and becoming buzz word heavy.

Here at West Riding Recruitment we take pride in listening to our candidates and are happy to offer advice and answer any questions they may have about their next career move. So if you require the assistance of a recruitment company get in touch with the team at our Wakefield based office today.

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