It has been announced this week that West Yorkshire Fire Service are recruiting for firefighters for the first time in 8 years.

Recruitment for some companies is not that frequent however when they do recruit they have a large recruitment drive.

At West Riding Recruitment, based in Wakefield, we can help businesses with large recruitment drives or ones that are looking to recruit on a more frequent basis, such as quarterly.

We can recruit for temp or perm jobs and have the skills and expertise to do it for you.

So what are West Yorkshire Fire Service recruiting?

West Yorkshire firs service are looking tor recruit as they seek out the best young firefighters who will be the ones saving our lives for future years. The demands of the job are very physical and thus it is important to get the interview stages correct.

How can we help you with this process?

At West Riding Recruitment, we can help you when it comes to recruiting. As well as actually finding the correct candidate for the job, we can also ensure that your business is best described with the job in the description. Making it sound like a good business to work for, putting all the detail in the job and listing what you are exactly looking for are great ways to ensure you get the right candidates.

If you are looking to recruit in the next few months and want to use an agency to save you time and money, our team can help.

We have the skills, experience and expertise to provide support for any of your latest job roles. For more information, please call us on 01924 650404 to speak to one of our dedicated team. 

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