Aluminium Production Manager


Salary: £20-40,000
Location: Wakefield
Contract Type: Permanent
Hours per week: 40

Our clients based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire are looking to recruit a production manager. You will be responsible for the day to day management of the Aluminium department;

You will ensure that the operating systems, people and procedures deliver quality product in an efficient cost effective and timely manner;

You will be responsible for managing the Aluminium department performance, setting and agreeing objectives and KPI’s;

You should work with the leadership team to improve people capability to achieve an empowered, skilled and engaged team, training and coordinating the training of CI tools and techniques, developing and delivering training materials ensuring measurement systems in the business deliver the information to allow the focus on the right business issues.

You will be responsible for:
  • Establishing a strong culture of operational standards as a foundation for continuous improvement;
  • Developing excellent internal working relationships with managers across the business; adopting a joined up approach to resolving issues and improving quality and service;
  • Driving efficiency and to identify, agree and implement improvements in internal processes in order to improve service delivery, cost effectiveness and customer expectations;
  • Be responsible for organising and overseeing all the health and safety requirements for the department;
  • Utilising problem solving skills to support colleagues and assist with resolving any issues as and when required.
You will
  • Develop ownership of operational improvement throughout the line management structure;
  • Manage the department in line with the department plan; leading the department in the delivery of agreed goals and ensuring staff are engaged and work effectively to deliver the plan;
  • Work closely with the management team and Supervisors/Team Leaders to plan work, set targets, and ensure finished products meet quality standards and are met on time and in full;
  • Be responsible for ensuring that all staff comply with all safety procedures and maintain a safe working environment monitoring the production processes and adjusting schedules as required;
  • Regularly monitor product standards and implement quality control programme as required;
  • Monitor the progress of the department and the achievement of individual and departmental objectives and KPI’s, ensuring these are aligned with the overall business objectives;
  • Develop and implement standard operating and working principles
  • Support & develop the personnel, providing coaching, mentoring and feedback;
  • Ensure regular communication with the team to ensure the smooth operation of the whole department;
  • Manage the team performance, and undertake annual performance; reviews;
  • Review and agree department and individual business objectives, aligning these with the business objectives and agree team and individual key performance indicators;
  • Undertake regular one to one supervision with the Production Operatives;
  • Ensure all staff are fully inducted into the business, including probationary reviews, identifying training needs and ensuring regular supervision;
  • Sssess the team’s training and development requirements and be responsible for ensuring the team are up to speed with all process and procedural requirements to provide a seamless and excellent customer experience.
  • Plan and manage own time to deliver requirements and build contingency plans for critical risks, undertaking routine and step change tasks concurrently;
  • Plan project activities and optimise the use of limited resources.
  • Utilise available data to draft action plans and communicate priorities;
  • Plan and execute the collection of additional data requirement;
  • Undertake analysis to correctly identify the root cause;
  • Develop and present business case for the investment including cost justification.
  • Implement quality management and regulatory compliance strategies;
  • Be responsible for maintaining a safe operating environment; organising and overseeing all Health & Safety checks and adhering to both company and legislative requirements;
  • Respond to and resolve customer issues in a timely and effective manner;
  • Ensure both internal and external work areas are secure at all times;
  • Monitor the quality of the service provided, complying at all times with the CAR reporting and rectifying process;
  • Manage the efficient utilisation of space and mechanical handling equipment;
  • Work in accordance with health and safety regulations, and also ensuring the health and safety of all staff. Reporting near misses and RIDDOR;
  • Any other reasonable duty that may be assigned;

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