Mattress Tape Edger


Salary: £20-40,000
Location: Dewsbury
Contract Type: Permanent
Hours per week: 40

West Riding Recruitment are seeking applications for the position of Mattress Tape Edger to join our Client team with immediate start for company based in Dewsbury.
Candidate must have experience using a Tape Edge Machine to produce mattress.
Job Description:
1) Operates sewing machine to stitch rolled edges of filled and tufted mattresses to reinforce their boxlike shape, or to stitch padding and fabric covering around innersprings used in mattress: Positions mattress on table and adjusts machine according to thickness of mattress.
2) Rolls and inserts mattress edge under machine needle, starts machine, and guides edge under needle as machine travels slowly around table.
3) Places innersprings on table and spreads felt or foam rubber padding and covering over springs.
4) Inserts edges of covering and border panel under needle and tape feed of machine and guides tape and edges under needle to join them as machine travels slowly around table.
The salary is 13 p/h

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