Outreach Support Worker


Salary: £20-40,000
Location: Wakefield
Contract Type: Permanent
Hours per week: 40

Outreach Support Worker require to support young adults with complex (Specifically those with a brain tumour) to live life to the full and return to work/college/education.

The role of the Outreach Support Worker involves:
  • Referral handling – Take initial referrals and develop and undertake a Needs Assessment.
  • Planning and delivering programmes of support related to areas such as health, relationships, social skills, helping to build independent living skills.
  • Befriend and support PBTS in various settings as appropriate.
  • Mentor, coach and support PBTS to facilitate personal, social and educational growth as well as encouraging greater social inclusion.
  • Provide necessary emotional/practical guidance/support – Provide support as appropriate to the young adult/family after treatment but making good links throughout treatment.
  • Act as Advocate – Act as advocate at important support meetings for the young person at key points of transition.
  • Work with young adults/families before meeting with college/university/workplace to develop an understanding of need.
  • Organise support groups – Organise and facilitate brain tumour support groups in the West Yorkshire area, including the booking of rooms and refreshments; booking of speakers; inviting and encouraging young PBTS adults and families to attend.
  • Co-deliver a social skills support programme – The programme will be delivered as part of 'Friday Club' which is a friendship/activity club for children/young people suffering the effects of a brain tumour. This has the potential to be developed/lead to a young adults PBTS club.
  • Information provision – Provide relevant national and local information to patients and families, particularly to signpost as appropriate and keep up-to-date with the latest developments in treatments, support and information on brain tumours.
  • On-going communication – Establish appropriate on-going communication and support with patients and families and keep the Children and Young People's Brain Tumour Outreach Coordinator regularly updated on contacts made and actions taken.
  • Be aware of and comply with policies and procedures relating to vulnerable adult protection, health, safety and security, confidentiality and data protection, reporting all concerns to an appropriate person.
  • Create and maintain positive and supportive relationships with young adults, parents, schools, colleges, workplaces and hospitals involved in the treatment of brain tumours and the wider community.
The Outreach Support Worker position will suit a person with Skills:

Experience of a multi-agency working.

Experience and knowledge of supporting vulnerable young adults.

Able to use counselling skills and awareness of the issues surrounding end of life care.

Qualifications relevant to the post.

Strong commitment to PBTS and an understanding of the factors affecting their lives.

Work hours are 22.5 per week

Salary is £25k per annum Pro-Rata 

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