Financial Controller


Salary: £20-40,000
Location: Barnsley
Contract Type: Permanent
Hours per week: 40

Hunter Waste Management – Financial Controller

Financial Controller required for prestigious company based in Barnsley.  The successful Financial Controller will be responsible for the general running of the businesses finances and also provide support and advice for the business on an ongoing basis, looking at the business trends and influxes.
  1. operate all bookkeeping and accounting systems for all the companies;
  2. run payroll and submit all PAYE returns & payments;
  3. Submit all VAT returns;
  4. Manage all cash receipts and payments processes and cash / bank reconciliation;
  5. Prepare budgets / business plans / cash flow forecasts, etc. to advise the Management team on maximising the commercial return on all activities;
  6. Prepare monthly management accounts and weekly KPI / flash results;
  7. operate a costing system for product pricing and profitability analysis by product / channel, etc. and other parts of the business;
  8. provide financial and commercial advice / input to other members of the management team, including:
                 a. product and sector profitability analysis
                 b. product pricing and costing
                 c.production efficiency and performance
                 d. financial ratios and cash / profit management
                 e. investment decisions, buy / lease, funding options
                 f. salary and staff payment structures
                 g. purchasing negotiations / supplier selection
                 h. Credit management

Person specification
  1. Accountancy training and experience to cover the above responsibilities;
  2. ability to work with external accountants, bank, HMRC, management team, etc.;
  3. Commercial experience to cover the above requirements
  4. Experience in the construction / building products sectors would be advantageous
  5. good working knowledge of QuickBooks, Excel;
  6. proactive and challenging, have a sense of growth and improvement;
  7. keen to contribute to all aspects of the business.






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