After college and sixth form, students are rushing off to university in hopes to better their chances of attaining a job once completed. However, as often reported on the news, graduates are now finding it harder than ever to gain employment after their degree is over. We here at West Riding Recruitment know how difficult it can be for university graduates, and here is our advice to future graduates

When it comes to options like graduate schemes, or graduate jobs, competition is incredibly high. No longer are companies simply interested in academic performance, they want to see what else you can offer to a business. Things like, placement years, internships and jobs as a student can really help when making applications, particularly to bigger organisations, as it demonstrates you’re already adapted to the working world and competent to grow in their business.

When it comes to graduate recruiters, they understand that anyone will be ‘oven ready’, and know that there will be a lot of training and development in order to ensure that graduates become more than ready for any future roles.

Of course, there are always going to be exceptions, and some graduates will land a job with a huge corporation, amazing salary and excellent benefits, however there are a finite number of graduates out there. So surely, rather than expecting to be the ‘crème de la crème’, ensure that you can stand out with your own skills. Looking to develop yourself can only enhance your career, never hold you back.

It is often argued that universities are not pushing students hard enough to look for opportunities throughout their degree. Universities should be more encouraging of students to apply for internships and work placements, or even part-time jobs in order to show recruiters that they have both academic and practical skills.

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