Starting a new job can be a daunting experience. To help you make the best start in your new role, here are some dos and don’ts…


Pre-plan your route to work

Figure out the best route to work by making the trip a few days before you’re due to start. Work out how long it takes. On your first day, give yourself a little extra time and arrive a few minutes early.

Get to know your colleagues

Having the support of your colleagues will help you grasp the finer details of your job, which in turn may save you hours of trial and error. Realise that asking for help is a great way to break the ice. Also recognise that being nice will help you get ahead.  

Ask for help

To do your job well, you can’t beat clear, honest direction. Asking your boss for feedback on regular basis will help you improve in your new role.

Be flexible

When you first start, make extra effort to become good at your job. Come in early or stay late to get to grips with things and help make up for your (understandably) slower pace. This will also allow you to become more comfortable in the workplace.


Don’t become complacent

The key to success in your new job is to never stop trying to impress. Work hard and do your best at all times.

Don’t presume you know everything

Nobody likes a know-all. This is particularly true in someone who doesn’t know anything about the organisation or the job itself. It pays to be humble in any new job.

Don’t get ahead of yourself

You must understand that it takes time to build respect in any new role. Even if you are an executive, criticising the status quo too early could come across as arrogant. Wait a while before suggesting changes.

Don’t stress too much

It is best to think about any new job as an exciting challenge, rather than a daunting one. Remember that you are only human and that you won’t be able to learn everything at once. When things are new, it takes time to get to grips with it all.

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