Once the interview has been secured, the job hunt becomes even more difficult. Here at West Riding Recruitment, we know that preparing for that interview can be incredibly challenging – and what’s even more challenging? The wait afterwards for an answer – have you got the job or not? Therefore, we’ve made a list of a few top pointers we’ve picked up over the years of signs you’ve done really well in the interview process.

Your interviewer seems to enjoy the interview

Much like in a day to day situation, if a person is interesting in what you’ve got to say, and is equally engaging. It’s a great sign! Keeping your answers concise, and answering the actual question are great ways to achieve this.

Pay careful attention to the interviewer’s body language – do they look like they’re interested in what you’ve got to say? If it looks like they’re listening intently, then of course you’ve managed to engage them enough for them to be taking proper note of what you’ve got to say.

You get to see the office before you leave

So, if the hiring manager actually takes the time to show you around the office before you leave. This is a great sign. They’re actually taking time to show you where you could be working, and chance encounters with potential future colleagues. This is a great sign as it definitely shows that they’re thinking you could be offered the role.

The interview runs over the designated time

If the interview runs over the designated time, it means that the interview wants to get to know you more. Perhaps, they want to get to know more about whether your personality will fit in well with the office. At this point, you’ve quite clearly passed the original criteria, and now the interviewer is looking to find something else about you – investing more time in to the original interview is such a positive sign.

The interviewer tries to sell you on the company

An interview is a two-way street, you need to find out if the company is a good fit for you as well as if you’re a good fit for them. If the interviewer tries to sell the company to you, then that means they want you to come and work with them at that company. It’s a great sign that they’re swaying you to accept the role.

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