For most people, the primary function of work is to earn money and ultimately enjoy life away from the office. However, enjoying work is equally as important, more often than not, you’re going to spend more time at work than with your friends or family, meaning your workmates become like your family – therefore, it’s always better when you get on! Here at West Riding Recruitment, we know how important it is for our candidates to get a positive feel from the interview (it’s just as important for the candidate to like the employer as the employer to like the candidate!) – and making friends with your colleagues is a good place to start.

Here are some of our top reasons as to why work friends, are the best friends.

They know your drink order

Your colleagues ask you on the first day what’s your drink of choice, you deliver that order and you’re set for the rest of the year at least! What more can you really ask for?

They can be your drinking partner

After a hard day in the office, what better way to unwind then with your newfound friends. They know exactly what stress you’re under, because the likelihood is they’re under the same. But no worries, you can be each other’s support through this treacherous evening – right until you go back to it the next day that is.

They actually know what you do

Ever find yourself in a situation where you have to repeatedly explain what you do in your job? Or, even worst have to defend what you do in your job! Well, not to your colleagues, they know what you do, they know how hard you work and they know when you’re in need of a drink to help with the heavy work load (and remember, they don’t have to ask what drink you require – because they know your order!).

They understand your rants

If HR encounters some pay issues, or your boss has been particularly hard on you this week, your work colleagues have your back. In fact, they have more than your back, they’ll probably join in too! They know what’s irritating and what’s not and they know you’ve every right to rant.

And most of all, they make your job bearable!

West Riding Recruitment is an independently owned recruitment agency, who aim to provide a loyal and committed service to both client and candidate. Based in Wakefield, we recruit jobs in all sectors across the Yorkshire region. Should you wish to speak to one of our team, then why not call us today on 01924 650404.

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