Phil has been in recruitment since before the use of mobile phones, and when consultants were deemed not needed! 25 years later and he has seen all aspects of the industry - good and bad.

Phil’s first position was as a night controller for an agency in Somerset, where he was pretty much at the coal face, fulfilling clients needs on a daily basis. He has worked his way up from being a junior consultant to being a director for a £25 million turnover recruitment agency based in the North. He set out with a mission in 2014, along with his long term colleague Sarah Godfrey, to create a recruitment business that would provide excellent service to clients in Yorkshire and not expand to the levels where service was compromised, which some of the national agencies suffer from.

Proudest Moment

Phil has many moments in his life that he reflects on - having two children, being married for over 20 years and doing a fire walk in London. What he values the most is when he can help people into work, and his best case for this was in 2001 when someone who had lost his wife was virtually homeless, Phil helped them to find a job and assisted with accommodation.

Whats motivates Phil

Knowing that he listens to clients and they are happy with his service. Phil has always gone above and beyond his clients expectations, which has in the past included driving lorries, working on production lines and picking in warehouses. He has always said never expect someone to do something he would not do himself.

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