According to research conducted by job search engine Adzuna, men are more likely to try and make a double-progression within 2017 leading to a pay-rise and promotion, than women.

Over 40% of those men surveyed said they would try and get a promotion or pay-rise this year whilst only a quarter of women were aiming for a progressive step in 2017.

The statistics also showed that one in three employees in England planned to pitch for more pay to their bosses or make a step up the ladder, by moving or internal progression this year.

The study, which was conducted last month, looks at the career development paths of individuals and how employees are motivated, their happiness and ultimate career aims. It showed that women were more likely to be happy with the same role they have and not have any further responsibilities, whilst men were less willing to have any career stagnation. A staggering 50% of women said that they had no plans to improve their positions this year.

The co-founder of the study Doug Monro commented saying that he believes a gender divide is clear in this study and that whilst women did want pay-rises less were likely to take a promotion with it as well. Whilst he did not comment on whether he believed women should strive a bit more, he did say that there will be a long period of time until senior level management gender equality happens in this area based on these findings.

The full stats are below:

·         40% of Men and 54% of Women had no plans for a rise or promotion.

·         14% of both men and women would ask for a payrise

·         8.5% of men and 6.5% of women would apply for a promotion

·         Over 37% of Men would want both a pay-rise and promotion whilst only 23.5% of women would want both.

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