Your job descriptions are a vital part of recruitment. If you do it wrong, unsuitable people will apply for the role. If you do it right, you are much more likely to find your model employees. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect job description:

Catch the reader's attention with the job title

Think about the kind of candidate you want and write a job title that will appeal to that target audience. At the time of writing, there’s a trend for dramatic job titles. These usually involve the words ‘rockstar’, ‘prophet’, or ‘ninja’.

Yet on the whole, most people prefer traditional titles. Besides, this kind of fun title would be wholly inappropriate for surgeons, bankers, or any other serious profession. Consider the keywords that your target audience is searching for and use those to create your titles. This will make it easier for candidates to find your job posting on the web.

Keep their attention with a great introduction

Now you have their attention, your introduction should keep their interest. Again, think about what will appeal to the kind of applicant you want to find.

Use questions or statements, such as "Want to work for a dynamic digital agency in Wakefield with on-the-job training and great career prospects?”. Introductions that include questions and state the benefits of a role are proven to be most effective. Always highlight the things about your company that will attract your ideal candidate.

Keep it short

Bear in mind that very few candidates will tick every single box in terms of the kind of qualities you want in an employee. With this in mind, separate essential criteria from those that you prefer in a candidate.

It may seem counter-productive, but too much detail will put off many readers. Instead, we advise listing 3-5 essential qualities someone would need to be successful in that job. Consider using bullet points to break up paragraphs of information – no-one wants to read an essay. Keeping it short will make the advert easier to read and therefore more enticing to potential candidates.

Make your description look good

To woo your potential candidates, images can help brighten up the page and draw attention to it. This is the case, even if you just include your company logo. Meanwhile proper spelling and grammar show that you are professional and mean business.

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