As a Wakefield based recruitment agency, here at West Riding Recruitment we see first-hand just how important a good first impression can be when trying to land the perfect job. 

That is why we have used our fifteen years’ of experience within the industry to come up with some top tips for creating the perfect first impression at your job interview.


The first and most obvious tip is to arrive in good time, dressed appropriately. As the well-known saying goes: you need to ‘dress for the job you want.’

The interview begins from the moment you step into the building. Be friendly, confident and professional with everyone you encounter, some companies even ask receptionists to report back on how potential candidates presented themselves.

Resist the temptation to look at your phone while waiting to enter your interview, instead use time to read over your CV. Or if there are any reading materials on display, such as company brochures or newsletters, take the opportunity to look them over. This gives you a last minute chance to learn more about the business while proving to the employers that you are engaged and keen to find out more about the work they do.

While all these pre-interview factors may not guarantee you the role, it demonstrates the fact that you are a positive, pro-active person who would be an asset to the workforce.  

During the interview

Research indicates that body language could be accountable for up to 90% of the first impression you create. When introducing yourself make sure your posture is good, you are holding yourself with confidence and you make steady eye contact with your interviewers.

Throughout the interview itself be professional but approachable, remember that an interview is at its best when the conversation is free flowing and not stilted. If you have done your research and prepped well it will come across naturally, so just relax and be yourself.


If you have the contact details of the company it may be worth sending them an email to thank them for their time. Mention some key discussion points that show you were truly engaged in the discussion and ask any further questions that you may have forgotten when in the interview. This reiterates your enthusiasm for the company and the role.

West Riding Recruitment are an experienced recruitment agency committed to both clients and candidates in Wakefield and the surrounding areas. 

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