There are many reasons to hire a recruiter to find your employees. Yet one of the main reasons is the ability to save you time – and time as they say, is money. Here are five key ways in which a recruitment agency will save you time:

1.    They find the right candidates quickly

The longer you have a position open, the more it will cost you. Recruiters have access to different companies and candidates, and know your industry inside out. They use their knowledge and expertise to find your perfect employees quickly.

Recruiters know how to find and reach out to ‘passive candidates’ – those who are not actively seeking a new position. These people may be perfect for the role, but not reading job websites or boards.

Without the know-how to reach these superstar candidates, they could pass you by, and you may have to wait a long time to find someone as good. However, a recruiter has many ways to reach them, which can result in giving you higher quality employees. A likely by-product of this is greater productivity.

2.    They deal with all administration

Recruitment agencies streamline the process of finding your employees. They deal with everything from creating enticing job descriptions, to devising interview questions. They also keep candidates engaged throughout the process. This helps make sure you don’t lose the perfect member of staff to a rival company. It also allows you to focus on running your business.

3.    They reduce training time

As recruiters only choose suitable candidates for the job, this means that applicants you see already have many of the skills you need before they join your company. This in turn allows you to spend less time training them.

4.    They help increase retention levels

The best recruiters not only find perfect candidates. They also help to prepare them for the role so that they know exactly what to expect from their work at your company. Recruiters also keep candidates abreast of developments at each stage of the recruitment process. Research shows that such efforts help you retain employees for longer. This in turn saves time by sparing the need to go through the recruitment process again.

5.    They help reduce the need for overtime

If you own or run a business, you are clearly very busy. When it comes time to find employees, you have to deal with even more from day to day. Hire a recruiter to reduce the number of hours you spend at work and ease the burden on your staff. This help will to improve morale and increase productivity.

In business, time is precious. To make better use of yours, let West Riding Recruitment handle your recruitment processes. Call us now on 01924 650404.  


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