Facebook have confirmed that they are to add a jobs tab on company pages as they launch a new recruitment section to the social media platform.

For years, LinkedIn has been the place for people who are looking for jobs online, and everyone seems to have been ‘pestered’ by recruitment agencies on the site.

So, what does this mean?

Well according to industry reports, the new feature will allow candidates to apply to numerous jobs via Facebook, with a pre-populated form from their Facebook profile requiring minimal effort.

Why would Facebook be good?

Facebook already has the monopoly on traffic, with an affiliation figure of 1.79 billion compared to LinkedIn’s mere 467 million. As a result, Facebook easily has a platform to find the best.

Is Facebook turning in to LinkedIn?

Is this however good as people often lead two different media lives, one on LinkedIn and one on Facebook. As a result, is combining both worlds a good idea when looking for life-changing jobs?

At West Riding Recruitment, we want to make sure that people are aware that companies will look on social media when hiring and that you should be aware of what you post online.

If you are looking for help when it comes to finding a job, or if you are looking to recruit and want some help, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team today.


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