A recruitment agency helps job seekers find employment whilst taking the hassle away from the company. They work as the middle man to help the company find the perfect match in employees.

This benefits the company by taking the complication of the logistic of hiring lots of employees away from them. Such outsourcing lets the business focus on more prominent internal issues so they can sustain industry growth and competitiveness.

There are a number of ways in which a recruitment agency can specifically benefit a company. Here are just a few:

1.      Knowledge of the market

The best recruiters will be In The Know of all the specialist markets, they will have their finger on the pulse and therefore able to hire employees with an insight in the industry and therefore find the perfect fit. Aa recruitment agency with the eye for the right talent will benefit a company by finding the applicant with the right skill set and mindset for the available position. Having a talented and competent workforce is the backbone of any business and having specialised knowledge of the market is something that will be transferred onto the company through good working staff.

2.      Extended reach
Arecruitment agency is able to reach candidates that are much harder to reach. A company that employ direct only have a limited means of reaching possible candidates and therefore miss out on all the potential employees that would otherwise be unaware of the vacancy. Using an agency allows the company to benefit from the recruiter’s network of contacts to help extend the reach of your vacancy. This in turn will increase the number of applicants and therefore give you a better chance of finding someone with a greater range of skills and experience.

3.      Candidates not applicants
A lot of people that apply for jobs direct through the recruiting company or an Ad they’ve put out themselves will simply be just applicant. This can result in a huge amount of people that may not be suitable or even capable of the available role. They have simply just seen a vacant role and tried their luck with an application. This extends the time of the recruitment process and requires much more man-hours in sieving through all of the applicants until finding an appropriate candidate. The difference here is that a recruitment agency will specialise in the process of recruitment and therefore result in almost wholly suitable candidates. All of which are potential employees which allows for a much more effective process in finding the most skilled future employee.

4.      Time
Whilst reaching and recruiting the best possible employees are benefits that recruitment agencies offer a substantial benefit is time. By outsourcing the logistics of recruitment this saves the company one of the most valuable resource of time. Time that can be used elsewhere in the business and put to more effective use.

5.      Cost
Consequentially, as the old saying goes, time is money. And if your able to save time by using recruiters then this translate in saving money. A recruitment agency handles everything from the canac being advertised all the way up to the employees first day. This also includes sieving through the CV’s, initial contact, interviews and the cost of the expertise in recruitment. The costs of such tasks would total to much more of it was all done in house by current employees.

There are many benefits to outsourcing to a recruitment agency. Having confidence in a reputable and experienced agency is critical. West Riding recruitment take the time to get to know their clients and their candidates.

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