In order to make the recruitment process as smooth and as effective as possible it is important to understand what is happening in the market. Here are five trends the industry is experiencing at the moment which are affecting companies successfully recruiting and retaining their employees.

1. High staff turnover is an issue

Retention of new employees is a worry amongst many businesses who are seeing recent recruits quickly head elsewhere. This means it is important to carry out background checks beforehand as well as ensure incentives and opportunities such as training days are available to promote staff loyalty.

2. Office space is a turnoff

Another thing to be aware of is that office space can be a deal breaker in terms of recruitment. Prospective employees are likely to be put off by uninspiring working conditions such as dreary coloured walls, a lack of natural light and worn out or broken equipment and furniture.

3. Digital skills need addressing

A further worrying trend which is emerging is a digital skills shortage amongst workers which will affect both recruitment success as well as a company’s ability to hit their targets. This means investment is needed to address this shortfall.

4. Fixed contracts over zero hours

In order to recruit and well as keep the best candidates it is important to offer them favourable conditions. Job security in terms of a fixed contract rather than a zero hours arrangement is one way that this could be achieved.

5. Graduate recruitment needs reviewing

Finally, the way that graduates are sourced needs addressing. At the moment whilst significant sums are spent on recruitment, this has not resulted in the fulfilling of all positions.

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