Interviews are often challenging for job hunters. Don’t get us wrong they can be tough, but preparation and presentation are two important things to remember. Having made it to the interview stage, this is already a positive step towards getting the job, and with these following tips you could be even closer to successfully achieving the job you want.

Stay calm

One of the main reasons people don’t progress past the interview stage is because their nerves get the better of them. Obviously, a few nerves can’t be avoided, and can in fact be good. However, keep in mind that an interview is just a conversation between two people, something which occurs on a daily basis. There is no reason to be intimidated by the interviewer, they have invited you to the interview because they want to meet you and it is highly likely that they are feeling slightly nervous too. By staying calm, it shows that you have the ability to converse with anyone on any level, which is an attribute that many employers look for.

Know your Stuff

Preparation is key. Knowing your CV inside and out as well as the job requirements, are essential for being able to successfully answer interview questions, and will allow the conversation to flow. Doing research around the company and reading relevant news articles will show you are commercially aware and are knowledgeable about the industry.

Show why you would be an asset

You made it to the interview stage for a reason, so speaking positively and enthusiastically about your experience, and exhibiting confidence in your body language will all be strong indicators that you have a passion for the job and most importantly, make a good impression. However, thinking outside the box by talking about unusual things you have done, for example a particular hobby, which could illustrate transferable skills, will make you stand out. Demonstrate that you have potential, you can use your initiative and you are different to other candidates.

Ask Questions

“Do you have any questions you would like to ask”. This is often asked at the end of an interview and is your opportunity to show a real interest, but most importantly to learn more about the position to ensure it is right for you. Preparing questions to ask your potential future employer is as important as preparing answers.

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