According to the latest figures, 60% of people will look for a new job in 2017. Some of the main reasons behind this include looking for more money, working for a better boss and career progression.

Finding the right job for your next career step can be difficult and with so many people looking to move on, it can be incredibly competitive. Therefore, registering with a recruiter could be a great way of getting your CV put in front of prospective companies who are in the need of someone with your skillset.

A good recruiter will put forward your CV without you having to do anything for you, just making you aware of what roles are available and if you are happy for you to put your CV forward. This can save you hours and ensure you get the best opportunities to get the new job you want.

Also, many companies will use a recruitment agency to recruit for multiple roles, building up a rapport that ensures good candidates every time. Some companies will only take on people that are recommended by that agency so you need to register with them to get a job with that firm.

At West Riding Recruitment, we work closely with the candidates and the companies to ensure we fill the right positions quickly and effectively with the best people. We have a lot of CV’s on file so we can fill roles swiftly, and we have a good pool of candidates for every recruiter.

So, if you are a candidate that is looking to get a new job and progress your career, or a company looking to take on hungry employees who can enhance your business, look no further than Wakefield’s leading recruitment agency, West Riding Recruitment. For more information, please contact us on 01924 650404 to speak to one of our experienced team. 

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