It’s getting harder now to get a job than ever before. However, we at West Riding Recruitment think that possessing these 3 people skills can put you in great stead and make you more likely to be successful in your job hunt.

Being Genuine

Think about it, you can probably easily spot when someone isn’t being themselves, and recruiters are no different. In fact, it’s probably more likely that they can see it a mile off, as they spend a significant time speaking and meeting people, so they pick up these skills quite quickly. When going for a job, of course they want to know that you’re capable to do the job, but they’d also like to see what kind of person they’re going to be working with. Therefore, it’s imperative that whilst on your best behaviour, you remain as true to your character as possible. Honest colleagues are valuable assets, so sincerity is a priceless quality. 

Being Positive

An obvious point, but it’s amazing how many candidates go to a job interview lacking positivity. A positive outlook can make a huge difference to the team, a smile and an upbeat attitude will make you a pleasure to be around. Positivity is infectious, so people will feel if you’re going to bring a good dynamic to the team. This is particularly important when things go wrong, dwelling on the past or mistakes can cause ill-feeling in the office. Strive to remain positive even when things aren’t necessarily going your way, and this can really put you in a recruiter’s good books!

Being Polite

The good old fashioned saying ‘treat everyone with the same respect’ comes in to play here. Whether it’s the receptionist or the CEO of a company, always treat everyone with the same respect. Firstly, the receptionist might have more of a connection with the CEO than you thought, but also it’s a fundamental skill, and can really push you forward in your career. Being seen to manage pressure whilst retaining respect for your team, will gain you much acclaim from peers and managers.

West Riding Recruitment is an independently owned recruitment agency, who aim to provide a loyal and committed service to both client and candidate. Based in Wakefield, we recruit jobs in all sectors across the Yorkshire region. Should you wish to speak to one of our team, then why not call us today on 01924 650404.


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